Produced more than 35 GWh of green energy

Energy storage

Energy storage

Battery BE provides extremely long cycle life, deep discharge and high efficiency. An ideal choice for stationary, long-term, daily cycling applications, including “Off-Grid” and “Micro-Grid” applications for industrial energy storage and services on the level of the distribution network (“Grid-Scale”). The battery system is fully...

Base electric station (BES)

Energy storage

The concept of electric station (BES) provides a solution that allows the construction of „off-grid“ systems, thus creating centers of production and supply of electricity outside of major national distribution networks. This solution is technically and economically less demanding than ensuring the production and subsequent distribution of electricity to remote areas.

Preparation and execution of projects

Energy storage

Solar power

Water and electricity for life

  • Concept applied to agricultural development
  • Concept applied to agricultural development
  • Concept applied to the development of new towns
  • Concept applied to the development of forest management and wood processing
  • Concept applied to the development of industrial parks

Rural electrification


In June 2021, the photovoltaic power plant in Polešovice produced more than 525 MWh of electricity, making this month the most s...
Cooperation with the partner company Al Hanouf for Development & Investment in the solution of energy projects using the indepen...
EMEL energy Inc. has exceeded the limit of 500 million czech crowns in the production of electricity in its photovoltaic plants....
Last year, part of the solar panels in the Polešovice II photovoltaic power plant was replaced as part of a warranty claim with ...